PETRONAS Islamic Credit Cards

Enjoy a Bounty of Privileges with PETRONAS Islamic Credit Cards
If you like the convenience of a credit card with none of the pitfalls, then the PETRONAS Islamic credit card is for you. It gives you the exciting benefits such as non compounding charges, rebates, rewards, special discounts, control over your finances and it is Syariah compliant. It's the one card for you, for peace-of-mind.

PETRONAS CIMB Islamic MasterCard
  • Cash back at all PETRONAS Stations*:
    • 7% rebate with statement balance of RM3,000 and above
    • 3% rebate with statement balance of RM3,000 and below
    • 0.2% Unlimited Cash Back at Other retail spends
  • Exclusively at Perodua:
    • 10% off on car services at Perodua Service Centres
    • 0% Easy Pay Plan on down payment at Perodua Branches
  • Exclusively at Tan Chong
    • 10% off on car services at Nissan TCEAS Service Outlets
    • 0% Easy Pay Plan on down payment at Nissan Sales Centres
  • Exclusively at CARs International:
    • 15% off on 2 years membership
    • 20% off on polish treatment at participating CARs International Outlets
  • Exclusively at Lim Tayar:
    • 60% off on off-wheel balancing and tyre rotation service at participating Lim Tayar Outlets
  • Exclusively at SYM:
    • 20% off on original motorbike parts at SYM Service Centers
    • 0% Easy Pay Plan on down payment plan at SYM Branches
Terms and Conditions
*Cash rebate on PETRONAS spend is capped at RM50 per month per card.
**These benefits are valid until 31 December 2016. SYM’s benefit is valid until 31 December 2015.

  1. Petrol rebates are applicable for petrol purchases at PETRONAS stations only.
  2. The rebate is capped to a maximum spending of RM2,500 at any PETRONAS Service Station or rebate of RM50 per card per monthly statement.
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PETRONAS Islamic Credit Cards

PETRONAS Maybank Ikhwan VISA
  • No Annual Fee
    No annual fee when you sign up for PETRONAS Ikhwan Visa and no conditions attached

  • Non Compounding Charges
    Save on non compounding charges every month

  • 8% Cash Back
    Enjoy 8% Cash Back on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and 1% Cash Back on weekdays (Monday to Friday) for every PETRONAS spend. (capped at RM 50 per month)

  • TreatsPoints
    Enjoy 1X TreatPoints for every RM1 spend locally and overseas except Government Bodies, PETRONAS service stations and other petrol stations

  • Free Maybankard Touch ‘n Go Zing Card
    Get this automatic reload card that is link to your PETRONAS Ikhwan Visa

  • Enjoy Exclusive Treats!
PETRONAS Maybank Ikhwan VISA
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