Syntium Moto 2SX

Next Generation Synthetic Blend Two-Stroke Motorcycle Oil
Petronas Syntium Moto 2SX is semi-synthetic two-stroke motorcycle oil synergized with premium Esters for extreme performance engines. 
Specially formulated with balanced synthetic fluids with premium esters, highly refined hydrocracked base oil, and low-ash additives which guarantees exceptional performance and engine protection that outperforms the conventional two-stroke lubricants.
It provides superior engine power performance, piston cleanliness, efficient film strength and prolonged protection under robust riding conditions. Designed for all two-stroke engines running in high-speed and high revs in racing, endurance, motocross, go-carts, on-highway and off-highway riding conditions.
Customer Benefits
  • Superior synthetic ester base fluids provide ultimate oil film strength for protection and reliability at high temperature and RPMs
  • Balanced premium synthetic ester fluids and additive technology providing excellent lubricity, superior engine cleanliness, and increased protection against piston scuffing and crankshaft bearing wear.
  • Excellent detergency and dispersancy control with low-ash technology to eliminate damaging deposits on piston skirts, ring grooves and exhaust power valves.
  • Maximum prevention against excessive wears, piston seizures and spark plug fouling.
  • Exceptionally clean and efficient burning produces very low smokes and prevent ring sticking
Find out what the PETRONAS Fluid Technology SolutionsTM can do for your vehicle

  • Recommended for high-performance two-stroke engines with carburetor, electronic fuel Injection (EFI) and direct fuel injector (DFI) for motorbikes, motocross, go-karts, and ATVs
  • Recommended for all two-stroke motorbikes for high speed and high revs applications in track on highway riding conditions.
  • All European and Japanese 2-stroke motorcycle manufacturers OEM’s
  • Specifications Exceeds the requirements of:
    • API TC
    • JASO FC
    • ISO EGC
    • All major Japanese and European 2-stroke motorcycle manufacturers
    Product Typicals
    Characteristics Value
    Density @ 15 °C, kg/l 0.8521
    Pour Point, °C -27
    Flash Point, °C 104
    Kinematic Viscosity, cSt
    @ 40 °C 35.6
    @ 100 °C 6.85
    Viscocity Index 155
    Sulfated Ash
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