SYNTIUM 800 SL 10W-30

Extreme Performance Synthetic Blend Engine Oil
PETRONAS Syntium 800 is a synthetic blend multigrade engine oil specially designed and formulated to provide the superior engine protection and extreme performance for engines running under the most extreme, most demanding driving conditions.
It is exclusively formulated with premium quality unconventional base oils and fortified with synthetics basestock and advanced additives system to provide the exceptional thermal and oxidation stability that ensure minimum oil thickening at very high operating temperature, excellent deposits control and minimized engine wear and tear.
Evolved from extensive field and racetrack experiences over many years together with F1 technology in mind, PETRONAS Syntium 800 is clearly the extreme performance lubricant that delivers total engine protections especially for engines operating under the severest operating conditions throughout today’s long drain interval.
Customer Benefits
  • Ultimate engine protection at all driving conditions
  • Prolong engine life
  • Exceptional engine cleanliness – protects against engine sludge and varnish deposits
  • Resists viscosity and thermal breakdown even in severe service
  • Very high shear stability - stay in grade
  • Superior cold engine starting – minimize friction and wear at start-up
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Applications Recommended for use in all types of passenger cars and especially the latest model high performance cars fitted with fuel injections, multi-valves, turbochargers or superchargers operating under the most extreme conditions. Also suitable for engines requiring API SJ, SH, SG or lower performance levels.
Customer Advice For further assistance on product MSDS, recommendation or technical queries, please liaise with the regional technical services engineer or contact HQ technical engineers.
Standards SYNTIUM 800 SL 10W-30
Product Typicals
SAE GRADE / Characteristics SYNTIUM 800 SM 10W-30
Density @ 15 °C, kg/l 0.864
Pour Point, °C -33
Flash Point, °C 228
Kinematic Viscosity, cSt
@ 40 °C 74.1
@ 100 °C 11.2
Viscocity Index 141
Cold Cranking Visc. CP
@ -35 °C 4,900
Sulphated Ash, %wt 0.82
TBN, mg KOH/g 6
ASTM Colour 3.0

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