Get Breakfast Combo* for only RM5!


Map of PETRONAS MORNINGS @ Mesra Stations

FAQ for MORNINGS @ Mesra
  • When does the campaign start?
    Starting 15 March 2017
  • Are all stations participating in this campaign?
    No, only selected Mesra outlets only.
  • Do all stations offer the RM3 combo?
    No, only stations in Peninsular Malaysia offer the RM3 combo. RM5 combo is available at all participating stations nationwide.
  • Is the food item same across all stations?
    • No, the combo varies according to station locality.
    • All participating station have RM5 combo.
    • Compulsory product in each combo is the Nescafe Can 240ml and one minimum food item.
    • It is up to dealer's discretion to offer more items and variety in the combo.

  • The food on the breakfast combo is not as per the images shown on communication materials
    The visual is for illustration purposes only. The food offered may be different than the images shown. We have stated it on all communication materials.
  • The items in breakfast combo is different than advertised i.e. Customer's is looking for Nasi Lemak, but can only find Nasi Dagang at the station.
    We have a variety of food that is offered under the Mornings @ Mesra breakfast combo and it differs from station to station. 

    This is because
    1. Stations will offer most popular food at the area according to majority of its customer demand.
    2. Station is continuously in effort to enhance the food to fulfill customer's preference in food choices.

    The food choices in the station is only for illustration purposes.
  • Why is there no food offerings available at the station I went to? I saw this advertisement on social media that PETRONAS is offering this RM5 breakfast.
    The Mornings @ Mesra is running at selected stations based on demand. Nevertheless, we have 487 stations all over Malaysia that is involve with this campaign. 

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